Global Capital Relief

Global Capital Relief

All my Blessings began with my Giving!

I was recently sharing with a friend that as I looked back at all the unexpected blessings in my life they always followed my giving. Not just any giving but usually some type of sacrificial or unusual giving. The Lord loves a cheerful giver.

Especially when the giving is completely voluntary and there has been no coercion of manipulation. So much of what is done in Northeast Florida is done for the show. People take pictures to promote themselves on Social Media. What they don’t consider is how it makes the needy person feel. We have taken every precaution to make sure our help gives their dignity and respect back the needy.

Giving without an agenda. Giving without expecting a return on your investment.

I strongly believe the words on this picture. Painted for us by children at an orphanage in the islands of Trinidad & Tobago.

Global Capital Relief Helping poor overseas

“The World of the Generous Gets Larger and Larger”

May the Lord lead you to give you life away in such a way that it opens the windows of heaven over your life! Not because you worked for His blessing but because the Lord sees that He can trust you to bless others with what he gives you!

Jose L. Bosque, President  of Global Capital Relief of NE Florida

Oceanway Food Pantry


The Oceanway Food Pantry is designed as free Market and is set up & shared only on

1st & 3rd FRIDAYS  Noon-130pm

  In case of Emergency Food Crisis please call below

Call  904-928-9000


For Information on the Location of all Food Drives and Giveaways throughout Northeast Florida see



Se Habla Español 1-904-434-0144

Tenemos dos mercados gratis en Beach Blvd. Uno es en Countryside Mobile Home Village Clubhouse. El otro esta en Portside Mobile Home Village Clubhouse.

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