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Food Relief in Quintuple Perfect Storm

Just finished an interview with Robert @ First Coast News, Channels 12 and 25 respectively. I was given the privilidge of representing the Jacksonville area Food Relief Agencies & Food pantries or the NE FL Food Crisis Relief Team needs to their Northeast Florida audience. The clip should air today at 11pm.

Here is what we spoke about, and I thought it would be good if we could share it with others to help explain our current situation as we attempt to feed the hungry here in NE Florida.

I called it the “Quintuple Perfect Storm”

  1. 70% Nationwide drop in Grocery retailers’ donations– Supply Chain issues, Weather issues affecting harvests, Public stocking away food ” Panic Buying” as they see the economy tanking.
  2. Since 2020 the Absence of Large Donations– Public giving is down, Corporate giving dried up as attention was moved, due to the economy to other pressing needs.
  3. Infrastructure Breakdowns, Many of the trucks and vans were heavily used and now are in need of costly repairs, Worn out freezers and refrigerators, Re-roofing and general maintenance to facilities
  4. The Pandemic Delta & Omicron variants have increased the need as people are going unemployed and without work so no pay, Volunteers are few and far between among the Baby boom generation. The younger crowd are missing in action unless they get a ticket and need to do community hours.
  5. Worsening Economy Inflation has increased the burden on everyone as less can be purchased with the same dollar. Gas prices have hit the pantries and food banks hard because of the need for fuel to make pick ups and deliveries of donated food.

In general things are not going to get any better for Food Relief Agencies. I strongly recommend and support increased inter-agency sharing on all levels. Together we can continue to provide nutrition while helping maintain the dignity of those Hungry & Needy in the Northeast Florida area.

See interview here: https://youtu.be/zgs_ae732aw

Jose L Bosque, Director

Global Relief of NE Florida

NE FL Crisis Food Relief Team


Needs of those Living out of their Cars

Its wintertime and that brings many visitors to Florida. Not all of them are driving quarter million-dollar Motorhomes and RV’s. Many are running from the weather due to homelessness. Jacksonville being the first large city on the I-10/95 Corridor is usually their first stop. Almost all are living out of their cars and sleeping in the parking lots of Walmart and other retailers who make up the River City Mall on the Northside of Jacksonville. Global Relief offices are located just 5 minutes from that location, and we are swamped by the great needs of the people from every walk of life.

These needs include everything from car repairs, food, money to refill prescriptions, gasoline, showers, and a place to wash their clothes. We do what we can with what we have but many times my heart breaks as I remember the days when we first arrived in this country. We have no requirements and we do not demand anything from them to get our help. I do not have time to judge people’ worthiness or to be upset because of their immigration status. People are people and needs are need. We have a saying here “we do not mind assisting the greedy to get to the needy.”

I confess I do not do well when I see a family coming for food with children all stuffed in the back of a car with all the families’ belongings. They don’t understand why dad lost his job, why they had to leave their home and why they will never see their school friends ever again. I make it a point to keep toys and chocolates for the little ones as I take care of their parents pressing needs.

These people do not need my sermon or opinions on homosexuality, cohabitating “shaking up “with each other, the dangers of drug use or any other of their visible sins. They need the manifested love of God demonstrated and lived before them by a follower of Christ. That’s it, period! Yes, I know doctrine and yes everyone I meet I lead to Christ, where else would I lead them? If they ask, I gladly share with them my walk with the Lord and why I do what I do.

Let me tell you about my number one question. It starts out like this, “I thought we were lost because we were looking for a church and this place looks like a home. Is this a Church? Are you a Pastor? My response is “Well, thank you for asking I say. If this was a church and I was a salaried clergy person, we wouldn’t have money to buy food and help you today.” The smile that follows is the reason we are still here after more than 30 years helping hurting humanity. To tell you the truth our motto of “People Helping People” just doesn’t fit in the minds of this contract-centered, tit for tat, helping others with an agenda society.

Lately food donations from groceries and other retailers across the US are down 75%. Meat donations have been hit the worst and as a result 5 of my freezers stand empty today. Would you like to help? 

Call us at 904-434-0144

Our aim is Global, but it starts with one person at a time.

Much love

Jose L Bosque


NE Florida COVID 19 Inter-Agency Cooperation

For sure the Corona Virus caught us all off guard. One thing it didnt do was to confuse about our reasons and our desires for serving others. Recently to help each other, some of the Jacksonville Florida Feeding and Homeless assistance agencies have come together to better serve the poor and the needy.

We have visited each others place of service, coordinated extra food and created a new Facebook Group called the “NE FL Crisis Food Relief Team.” We are now in the process of publishing a new NE FL Feeding Calendar to help point the needy to places and times where they can get help near them.

Volunteer and join us as we seek to eradicate hunger in Northeast Florida.

VOLUNTEER or Call us!

Global Relief of NE FL