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God of Crisis Provision

As you know I run a food Pantry out of our Parsonage that feed about 100-300 Families a month. Lat week I received an email from the Food Bank where we purchase our food that because of COVID 19 my 2 appointments for the upcoming week where cancelled and there would be no more meat available. I began to worry. Lord are you going to shut this Pantry down? Do I hold and keep what we have now for our family to eat?

They instead told me to come to the Food Bank and they would give us dry goods for free. When I arrived they gave me 50 10lb boxes and 100 lbs. of fresh corn on the cob. It was a lot for a 65yr old person to load, unload, sort and store but I got done around noon.

As I sat there sweating and tired I get a call from Tyson Food Manager saying they have a truck with 650 lbs. of Boneless Ham Steaks in Jacksonville that was sent in error and they need to donate it. For a minute I froze, Lord I cant unload from the street and carry back to the Pantry another 650 lbs. but I said yes I will take it. He took our address and said they would be there in 15 minutes. AS I sat there wondering how I would get the strength to unload it He calls me back. The Tyson Food Manager says he is sorry, but his driver has already reached his daily driving limit for the day and will not be able to deliver it till tomorrow. Hallelujah!

The next day without calling anyone the Lord sent two sisters to help me clean the freezers and store the Ham Steaks! That day I filled every fridge and freezer to the top. Those ladies were angels sent to help me.

The Food Bank called me the following day to begin a pickup at an Aldi’s, went there and picked up 150 lbs. of Salmon steaks and more chicken. AS I write this, I am full to the brim and giving food out daily as a drive up Pantry service to the needy.

God is good! He said to me I know where you are, I know what you do, I know your capacity and remember that I told you 32 years ago “Go my Son because I AM with you!

Much love